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Is social media a distraction from more worthwhile communications channels?

One in three think social media can be distracting – for example, in employee communications. Nevertheless, Reputation Council members believe it’s integral to their communications.

"Half-right. Because it is a distraction in a sense of it’s a great tool and people are attracted by the fact that there is a lot of back-end data."

is social media more important than traditional media in today’s communications strategies?

This proposition sparked debate (especially from the ex-journalists on the Council!). Two broad conclusions emerged:

  • They are complementary; traditional media increasingly relies on social feeds, and in turn contextualises and interprets social content for its audiences. Corporates can ignore neither channel.
  • Both forms of media are important; the ‘ranking’ will depend on the sector, audience and issue. But, without question, social is becoming ever-more important for corporate communicators.
"Everything has converged so it is all-important."

Methodology: 154 interviews conducted with Reputation Council members between 25th June and 12th November 2018.

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