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Trust: The Truth

We decided to write this report because we wanted to test if the prevailing narrative matched the data. The ‘truth about trust’ is that trust is complex, and takes many forms (many of these forms are not in crisis or decline). Without some degree of trust society simply would not function.

Reputation Council 2018

Our latest analysis of corporate reputation management across the world assesses when reputation turbulence becomes a crisis; managing global-v-local reputations; the spread of 'techlash'; the role of the CEO in external communications; as well as how Council members view trust in business; the use of social media in corporate communications; the importance of purpose and CSR; and the role of employees in building reputation strength

Unlocking the Value of Reputation

Looking to make your company run more effectively and efficiently? Management teams around the world face a variety of complex business situations daily. A great place to start boosting your business is by leveraging the power of your reputation. Our research across 31 countries shows conclusive proof of the relationship between a good reputation and better business efficiency.

Reputation Council 2017

With the pace of change quickening, we ask Council members about the challenges they face in their day to day activities; when it’s right to pursue corporate activism, and the risks and rewards of doing so; the importance of the ‘employer brand’; and whether Millennials truly a different audience from a communications perspective?

Reputation Council 2016

In this edition we ask council members to describe the most important corporate traits required if an organisation is to stand a fair chance of recovering from a crisis; talk to members about whether they can credibly identify and measure the reputation risk their organisations face;  examine the critical issue of cyber crime; and look into the use of social media among Council members.

Reputation Council 2015

The report of the tenth sitting of the Reputation Council explores issues such as: building sustainable reputation; the difference between brand and reputation; reputation differentiation; and the future relationship between corporations and NGOs.