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The Reputation Council Report 2018: Full Report

Our thirteenth sitting has been the biggest and most international yet, involving 154 senior communicators from 20 countries.

Global Perspectives on Sector Reputations

Which industries are facing the greatest reputation challenges at the moment? We asked Reputation Council members around the world how they perceive the reputation of eleven sectors.

The role of the CEO in external communications

Communicators have to be selective about the frequency and nature of the top executive’s participation, balancing the benefits and risks of bringing a powerful voice into the conversation.

When does reputation turbulence become a full-blown crisis?

In a world of information overload, communications leaders must be able to separate the signal from the noise in order to defend their companies when it matters most.

Global Vs Local

Local relevance is climbing the corporate agenda for global businesses and reputation management has a vital role to play in getting the global versus local balance right.

The Spread of Techlash

How can businesses respond to the reputational challenges of technological change – including privacy, data leaks, advertising practices, and AI and automation?

The Business of Trust

Is trust in companies at an all-time low? Will it be much higher in five years’ time? And do communications leaders believe a company’s reputation affects financial results?

Authoritative Voices

Are a company’s employees its most important spokespeople? Is it true that journalists don’t influence public opinion as much as they used to?

Social Ranking

Is social media a distraction from more worthwhile channels? Or is it more important than traditional media in today’s communications strategies?

Shared Values

Do companies need to pick a side in order to thrive? Is CSR dead? Will consumers ignore poor corporate behaviour as long as they get good, cheap products?

What Keeps Communicators Awake at Night?

Reputation Council members across the world face a range of business challenges – but what are the biggest issues that keep them awake at night?