Ipsos Corporate Reputation

Reputation Council Report: 2017

The Reputation Council Report 2017: Full Report

Our twelfth sitting of the Ipsos Reputation Council is the most international to date, involving interviews with 127 senior communicators in 22 different countries.

Global Perspectives on Sector Reputations

Which industries are facing the greatest reputation challenges at the moment? We asked Reputation Council members around the world how they perceive the reputation of eleven sectors.

The Life of a Modern Communicator

There is little doubt that in the last 20 years we have witnessed the evolution of corporate communications from a predominantly PR orientated function to a more strategic all-encompassing management discipline.

Taking a stand – do the rewards of corporate activism outweigh the risks?

What are the potential risks and benefits of taking a corporate stance, how should organisations determine which issues they speak on, and how can they communicate their views when they do?

The biggest issues currently facing Corporate Communicators

Reputation Council members across the world face a range of business challenges – but what are the biggest issues that keep them awake at night?

Employer branding – corporate reputation and the war for talent

High-quality employees are a crucial ingredient in any strong reputation: organisations with the strongest reputations attract and retain the best talent, and organisations with high-quality and engaged workforces have the strongest reputations.

The ins-and-outs of equity flow

We live in a world where corporate behaviour has never been under greater scrutiny and where judgement of a company can be transmitted around the world at a touch of a button. In this environment, the flow of equity between corporate and product brands has assumed increased importance. Council members explore how to harness this flow and its different manifestations in a modern communications landscape.

Communicating with Millennials – Attitudes and beliefs within the ‘echo-chamber’

What, if anything, makes Millennials different and how can organisations communicate with them effectively?