Ipsos Corporate Reputation

Global Reputation Monitor: 2018

Unlocking the Value of Reputation: Full Report

Ipsos Global Reputation Centre research across 31 countries shows conclusive proof of the relationship between a good reputation and better business efficiency.

The link between trust, reputation and benefit of the doubt

Building trust builds reputation. A good reputation builds benefit of the doubt, and ensures your voice is heard in a crisis. Globally, this willingness to give the benefit of the doubt is tightly linked to overall trust.

How reputation and trust affect purchase decisions and marketing efficiency

Reputation is a key consideration in purchase decisions – companies that are trusted gain marketing efficiencies in two ways…

Building digital advocacy

Nearly half of consumers say they are willing to visit a company’s website, or look for information about a company online. However, far fewer people are willing to apply for jobs, share positive information about a company on social media, or follow a corporate social media account.